Inclusive Trauma Informed Childbirth Education Classes by Sophia Antoine

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  1. The Role of Inclusivity in Childbirth Education
  2. The Power of Trauma-Informed Teaching
  3. What You Can Expect from Our Course
  4. Your Journey Towards Informed Parenthood
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Hello, future parents! It’s no secret that parenthood is a journey filled with exciting unknowns. With the right knowledge and preparation, these unknowns transform into stepping stones towards a beautiful journey. Let’s explore why an inclusive, trauma-informed childbirth education course is an essential component of this journey.

The Role of Inclusivity in Childbirth Education

Inclusivity is not just a buzzword; it’s a crucial aspect of any educational environment, especially childbirth education. By respecting, acknowledging, and embracing diversity, we create a supportive and empowering space for all parents-to-be, regardless of their backgrounds or experiences.

In an inclusive childbirth education course, the curriculum is designed to honor the unique experiences of each participant. It equips you with knowledge and skills in an environment that appreciates you for who you are, not just as another parent-to-be, but as a unique individual with your own journey.

The Power of Trauma-Informed Teaching

The term ‘trauma-informed’ may sound intense, but it simply means understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. Trauma-informed childbirth education takes into account past trauma, which may impact your birth experience.

A trauma-informed approach is especially essential in childbirth education, as childbirth can be a vulnerable experience. This approach ensures that the course content is sensitive to any past traumas and aims to provide a safe and supportive environment. By recognizing potential triggers and providing coping strategies, we can minimize the chances of retraumatization during childbirth.


What You Can Expect from Our Course

Our course, offered by Devout Doula Services, is an inclusive, trauma-informed childbirth education class that provides an empowering, safe, and nurturing space for all parents-to-be.

This course does not just give you facts; it provides you with tools to navigate your journey, from understanding labor signs to exploring different birthing positions and pain management techniques. It also covers essential topics like breastfeeding and newborn care. You’ll not only learn what to expect during childbirth but also how to actively participate in the decision-making process regarding your care and your baby’s care.

We’ll address the impact of previous trauma on childbirth and provide you with strategies to manage any anxiety or fear you may have about the process.

Your Journey Towards Informed Parenthood

Knowledge is power, and an informed parent is an empowered parent. By understanding the childbirth process, you can replace fear with confidence, creating a positive birthing experience.

With inclusivity and trauma-informed teaching at the core of our approach, we ensure that you’re seen, heard, and understood. You’re not just learning about childbirth, you’re becoming an active participant in your birth story.

Take The First Step Today

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Sophia Antoine

Sophia Antoine


Sophia Antoine is a dedicated and compassionate doula with nearly two decades of experience in supporting families through their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journeys. A native of Arcadia, FL, Sophia has made it her mission to empower and educate mothers and families on the importance of holistic, culturally sensitive, and evidence-based birth support.

Sophia brings a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by families in the American healthcare system. She is passionate about advocating for birth justice and reducing health disparities within her community.

Beyond her professional credentials, Sophia brings warmth, empathy, and a reassuring presence to every birthing space. She is well-versed in a variety of comfort measures, including rebozo techniques, acupressure, and aromatherapy, and she tailors her approach to the unique needs and preferences of each family she serves.

When Sophia is not supporting families during their most transformative moments, she enjoys reading, teaching Zumba, working out, and advocating for maternal health policy reform. Sophia is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community as a doula and childbirth educator, and she remains committed to creating safe, nurturing, and empowering birth experiences for all families.